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About SculpSure For Neck

SculpSure® for neck contouring: Remove unwanted stubborn under chin fat in 25 minutes
Get a New Neck without downtime, any time of the day or time of the year!

  • No Needles

  • No Surgery

  • No suctioning

  • No downtime

  • No Scars


What causes under chin fat to develop?

Your Genes, Your lifestyle and aging. Out of all of these, you can only control lifestyle by dieting and exercising, which unfortunately is sometimes just not enough. For this reason, people are looking for the most effective treatments without any downtime to help them remove double chin fat.


Can exercise alone help lose fat under the chin?

Highly unlikely. There is no exercise that specifically targets the neck muscles and you can’t really run cardio exercises with your chin. Dieting and exercise affects your whole body and may result in desirable weight loss and body contouring, but it is still hard to target the chin area.
Slimmer neck contour defines the jawline and makes people look youthful. In September 2017, FDA cleared SculpSure® applicator for reduction of unwanted under chin fat. The applicator is designed to fit right under the chin where that pockets of fat are very common.

How long does the SculpSure® under chin treatment take?

It is a quick 25 minute procedure which uses heating and cooling technology to effectively reduce the fat cells.


Is SculpSure® applicator for the body the same as for under chin?

No, under the chin area is very curvy and the applicator was specifically designed to fit under the chin. The applicators for the body looks different, but the technology is exactly the same and the satisfaction rate is just as high if not higher.


Is SculpSure® under chin area safe?

Absolutely yes. The applicator was specifically designed to target the selected fat area without affecting nearby nerves and/or blood vessels. During clinical trials, the temperature and spread of heat was carefully monitored to ensure its safety and efficacy before bong fully cleared by the FDA. The timing between heating and cooling of the under chin applicator is different between the timing of heating and cooling present in the body applicators. SculpSure® is designed by the same company which created SmartLipo, so you can be absolutely assured that the absolute highest safety standards were applied in the creation, research, and development of SculpSure® treatment for various body parts.

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